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a man and a women getting out of a private car and onto the red carpet. Husband and wife are on a VIP date planned by The Date Night Orlando

VIP Experience

Are you looking for an experience where you don't have to lift a finger? Then look no further, we've got you covered. The Date Night VIP Concierge gives you access to exclusive venues, events and experience add-ons that will have you and your special someone feeling like high-flying celebrities.

The Date Night VIP Concierge is the perfect fit for couples that want the ultimate in luxury and convenience - without the stress of planning or driving. We'll take care of every detail so all you have to do is show up and enjoy!

Each Custom Experience Includes: 

  • A Personal Experience Concierge

  • A 30-minute intake session with both couples with your personal concierge

  • Your customized date itinerary

  • All reservations and bookings handled by your personal concierge

  • City guides from Orlando locals and insider discounts

  • Our 'Love It' guarantee

Private Concierge

You get access to your personal, VIP experience concierge who will ensure that every detail is picture perfect


You get full access by phone and text to your personal concierge

Exclusive Experiences

Receive access to exclusive experiences, events and VIP perks

Are You Ready?

Logo for The Date Night Orlando. Neon pink "date" makes the middle of the logo with white letters for "the" and " night"

The Date Night is the expert on all things dating in Orlando, Florida. We uncover the most exclusive restaurants, date experiences, and adventures and give daters; married, single or experimenting an edge and unmatched confidence when making an impression on that special someone.

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