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How You Interact Matters: Scent in Attraction and Relationships

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Would it surprise you to learn that a man’s scent is actually a powerful tool for attracting and seducing women? It is. Advertisers have known about this for years, but now science backs the claim that using specific cologne really does make you more attractive to women. This has been proven both in studies and in the real world.

a woman with red nails holding her man by the neck and inhaling the scent of her man. Sensual, erotic, sexy

Down Memory Lane

A man and a woman embracing as they lay naked on the floor. Sensual date night seduction

Did you ever catch a scent that momentarily brought you back to your childhood, or to a person from your past? What was the fragrance that triggered the memory? What were you feeling in that moment?

Smell matters. 85% of women say that men who wear fragrance are sexier than those who do not. Smell is one of the most powerful senses: it triggers memories, feelings, and moods. In fact, scientists have proven that smell has a greater effect than any other sense on our emotions. It can evoke strong positive and negative feelings and have an instant impact on someone's mood. We are often not consciously aware of smells, but if the odor is strong enough even the faintest scent can have an impact on us.

If you want to smell your best, you need the right scent. This can be a perfume that's sure to turn heads or a cologne that will draw her attention. Either way, you just need to know what you're looking for. You've probably heard the term "scent," but what does it mean?

The Scent of Positive Arousal

"My first impression of a man is very important, and that's not just his physical appearance, It's his personal aroma."

A scent is something that has an effect on our body's response. It can be a chemical that makes us feel happy or sad, or simply a scent that evokes feelings of pleasure. The scent of positive arousal is one that increases blood flow to the brain and increases your energy level.

This type of scent also increases your ability to concentrate and improve cognitive functioning. It has been proven through research that scents like vanilla, peppermint, and cinnamon have all been shown to have this effect.

a beautiful, one-of-a-kind perfumery located in the heart of Orlando. La Jetee offers a carefully curated collection of perfumes from around the world and is one of 7 perfumeries in the United States
La Jetee Perfumery & Apothecary

It is important to note that not all fragrances are created equal as Joseph Todd, owner of La Jetee Perfumery & Apothecary explained to us. There are some perfumes and colognes that can have a negative impact on your mood, while others can make you feel good about yourself. The quality of ingredients also contributes significantly to the experience you will have with perfume and the way in which it will react to your body's natural chemistry. A good way to identify which scents are right for you is to test them out on yourself before buying them for someone else.

Selecting a fragrance is an intimate and invigorating experience. Having the opportunity to choose a personal scent or cologne can allow you to share a bond with someone who has taken the time to select the right one for you. Like any aspect of dating, trying out new scents with your partner or spouse can be fun. It can also help to attract or heighten the awareness of members of the same sex. Making a date out of selecting a fragrance for one another can be an exciting and provocative experience that is only limited by your imagination.

Build the Attraction

To keep your attraction growing strong, be intentional about using scents that boost your mood, build confidence and encourage relaxation.

A man and a woman embracing as they lay naked on the floor. Sensual date night seduction

You’re in love, and the relationship is starting to deepen. Are you drawn to enhancing your feelings for each other? Do you desire to create a strong sense of intimacy, opulence, and luxury? Take note of the scents she and your environment exude. Smell is powerful. It affects our emotions, memories, and even behaviors. Enhance your connection by introducing scents that are luxurious, intimate, and positive.

Use the power of scent to establish emotional bonds with your partner. Ultimately, we believe that creating a signature fragrance is like composing a beautiful piece of music. If done correctly, it can evoke profound feelings and spread good vibes to everyone around. We have outlined some key concepts you will want to keep in mind when considering your scent, but the important thing to realize is that there’s so much more to finding your perfect perfume than just choosing the right ingredients. Ultimately, scent carries an emotional resonance that transcends all other senses. In fact, scientists have been able to use scents to stimulate pleasure centers in the human brain for nearly 100 years. So don’t limit yourself to what’s been done before; remember that you are in full control of discovering your personal masterpiece of fragrances. Just be sure to be compelling – because as they say, chemistry is everything.

Your Signature Scent

Are you ready to take your intimacy and emotional bond to the next level? How about a private experience for you and your partner to find your signature scent. La Jetee is the only perfumery in Orlando and one of only 7 in all of the US. I recently experienced La Jetee in Orlando, Florida and had the opportunity to see the difference between the luxurious selection of high quality perfumes and the traditional fragrances I was used to; there was no contest. All of their perfumes are hand-curated by owner, Joseph Todd who has a keen sense of what scents will work best together and on different people.

When I arrived, Joseph walked me through the history of the perfume houses and how it can take years to create just one scent. After a brief conversation about what I was looking for in a perfume, he handled me samples of different scents that matched my criteria from the selection including perfumes with notes of bergamot, mandarin, patchouli, and more. I'll say this, he is the expert for a reason.

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