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man with dread locks sits on a camel, leather couch. He is wearing a suit and loafers holding an orange corded phone from the 70s. Checkerboard tile floors and wood paneled walls with neon lighting surround him.

Date Night:

This is supposed to be easy, right? Of course it is! That's why we've broken down our dates into six unique experience types. Choose the one that's right for you and your partner

Bring your date, we'll handle the rest!


The Classic

A man in a tailored suit is at a dinner date with a beautiful woman. Man and woman sit at dinner table while man feeds woman in the red dress her food. Man and woman drink wine and eat dinner while on their date surrounded by candle light.

The Adventurer

Man and woman are kayaking on their adventure date on crystal blue waters in a bright yellow kayak. Man and woman in white bathing suits kayak crystal clear waters.
Man and woman on a picnic date on white sand beach. Man and woman wear light, white linen clothes with a white umbrella shading them from overhead. They enjoy a picnic basket filled with fruit, cheese and wine on their day date.

The Day

A group of friends celebrating an engagement with champagne, laughs and music. Friends celebrating a birthday with champagne. Happy New Year. Outdoor lights sparkle about the crowds head as they celebrate.


The First Date

girlfriend and boyfriend enjoy their date in the botanical gardens. Husband and wife enjoy a day to explore Florida by taking a hike through a nature trail.

Date Your Damn Self!

taking a day to show himself some love. Man relaxes on boat in the middle of the ocean. Man taking a nap on his boat on the lake. Self care date.
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Whether you're looking for some one-on-one time with your partner or a double date with friends, with The Date Night Orlando, we do all of the work for you. Choose your experience - We guarantee you'll love it!


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Complete your date night questionnaire. We want to check all your boxes - We'll get to know you so we can create the date experience you've been dreaming about!


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Receive your itinerary for your upcoming date and, once you approve, you're on your way. From start to finish, your logistics will be handled. It'll be a date you won't soon forget!


Date Experience:
Customized to You

You Really Like Us!






"Our date night was planned by The Date Night Orlando and we had a blast. They planned it all for us so if you need ideas or don't like planning, they got you!"

"Just did a guy's trip via The Date Night's men's dates and let me tell you it was amazingly planned and executed perfectly. I'm in love with this service!"

"My wife kept  dropping hints about this date planning service and I eventually caught on and contacted them for a date. It was perfect! She was beyond happy and I was really surprised with our whole experience. This is such a cool idea, I'll definitely be back for another date."


The Socials

Founder and CEO of The Date Night, Jesenia taking a ride on the Orlando Eye at Icon Park.

Meet the Founder

Hello, I'm Jesenia

I'm the CEO & founder of The Date Night Orlando. I'm originally from Puerto Rico but moved to the states as a young girl in the 90's and yes, I4 was under construction back then, too! I'm a big believer in the power of experiences, I've been exploring this city since I arrived and it never disappoints - my love for Orlando runs deep.

I started my career in corporate America and rode that train for 15 years, exceling in both Project Management and Program Management in the contingent labor industry. Those experiences laid the foundation for The Date Night Orlando and sharpened the skills I use today with my teams.

I'm incredibly passionate about building up our community and working with local businesses. The partnerships that we establish to bring you our date experiences are made with two main objectives in mind; one, to give you an experience that will blow you away and two, to support the small, local businesses of Central Florida so that we can all thrive together. I'm confident in our ability to set the bar high when it comes to everything we do, so I hope you stick around, bring your date and let us handle the rest! 

The Date Night is the expert on all things dating in Orlando, Florida. We uncover the most exclusive restaurants, date experiences, and adventures and give daters; married, single or experimenting an edge and unmatched confidence when making an impression on that special someone.


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