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The Date Night

A done-for-you date concierge service so you can spend more time connecting, less time planning.

Boyfriend takes his girlfriend for a date at the fair. Boyfriend and girlfriend are riding the merry-go-round while holding hands and smiling at each other.


A few years ago, it was the planning of dates and weekend getaways that kept us busy. Everyone was so amazed by their experience, we took it to the next level to provide those same experiences to all of Orlando. We are now the top concierge service in town, and look forward to providing some of the best experiences for you!

About Us

About Us
Couple holding hands on their date to the local fair as they make their way to the ferris wheel through the large crowds
neon calendar for Tailor-Made Dates planned by The Date Night Orlando

Tailor-Made Dates

Customized and personalized to meet your interests, each date creates the ultimate experience for you and that special someone. Our mission is simple – to create the best done-for-you date – we curate exclusive restaurants, unique experiences and events  customized for you and your partner.
A neon outline of the Orlando cityscape representing the local experts that plan dates

Local Experts

You want to impress that special someone? Our local date planners guarantee you access to the most exclusive Orlando hot spots and give you insider knowledge to maximize your night out on the town.
neon champagne glasses iwth heart-shaped bubbles coming out of the top representing the local partnerships that The Date Night Orlando has and leverages to plan dates.

Local Partnerships

Transform your ordinary date night into an extraordinary experience! With over 400+ of Orlando’s top restaurants, attractions, events, and entertainment all in one place, The Date Night is the only Date Night planner you'll ever need! 
A neon map with neon binoculars representing the unique experience you get by choosing The Date Night Orlando to plan your date

Unique Experiences

Our team has curated an exclusive roster of the most unique date experiences from Orlando's most acclaimed cultural institutions, top-rated restaurants and hidden-gem bars that promise to dazzle your date and maybe even change your life. Whether you’re looking for an intimate dinner for two or an adventurous date night, we have it all. 
A neon laptop representing the done for you dates that The Date Night Orlando provides

Done For You

Rather than waste time online trying to figure out where to go next, we do all the hard work for you. Our team of experts curates the latest and hottest dates in Orlando – meaning that all you need to do is show up and enjoy.
Two neon, interconnected hearts showing the extra time you'll have to form a deeper love connection when The Date Night Orlando is doing all of the planning

Love Connection

While we're busy planning the perfect date night what are you going to do with all of this extra time? Sit back, relax and spend more time enjoying each other. Who knows what might happen?

Our Story

Two glasses of champagne giving a cheers to the magic you'll experience withThe Date Night Orlando

We've seen the growth and change in Orlando over the years; remember when Church Street was the place to be? We'd go to The Exchange, grab food, and play the night away at the arcade. Do you remember The Mystery Fun House and Wet n' Wild's Summer Nights? Orlando has always been a magical city and not just because of Disney, no, there is something about it that captivates you. Young, old, it doesn't discriminate. We chased that feeling of excitement and in the process discovered some of the most amazing and unique experiences that the city had to offer. But even with all its magical splendor, we realized that there were so many people that hadn't experienced it the way we have. So many people didn't even know that this magic existed.

Jesenia's passion for The Date Night is undeniable. You can see it in the way that she talks about her company, the way she interacts with clients, and the way that she gives 100% to anything and everything in her company. She's been planning dates for over 15 years and has planned hundreds of date nights for clients all over Orlando. Her business started with friends asking her for help planning their special occasions but eventually grew into something much larger than she could have anticipated.

The Date Night is a first-of-its-kind experience, a done-for-you date concierge service that brings convenience and a hassle-free approach to planning dates. Jesenia founded The Date Night in 2020 amid the Covid-19 pandemic. She wanted to create a luxury experience that would give couples a hassle-free way to enjoy time with each other, even in dark times.


Our team is made up of professional date planners and Orlando locals who love to plan amazing dates. The Date Night Team has created over 1000 unique experiences for couples in the Central Florida area! We could not be more excited to be sharing these unique experiences with all Orlando couples. The icing on the cake is there is no planning for you. It's a done-for-you deal. 


Here's to experiencing the magic

Our Story
Logo for The Date Night Orlando. Neon pink "date" makes the middle of the logo with white letters for "the" and " night"

The Date Night is the expert on all things dating in Orlando, Florida. We uncover the most exclusive restaurants, date experiences, and adventures and give daters; married, single or experimenting an edge and unmatched confidence when making an impression on that special someone.

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